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South Carolina has a beautiful coast line accompanied with fresh Atlantic air that spans for miles. A large economy that includes some heavy weight corporate giants and smaller shops help build the state's portfolio. Major cities like Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston provide economic zones full of opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. The coastal climate has mild winters which is excellent for beach front properties, while the inland enjoys lower temperatures during the colder months. Agriculture production includes rice, dairy products, cotton, and cattle. The GDP is well over 220 Billion, total employed is over 3 million and this number is expected to grow. Tourism plays a big roll and the barrier islands are a great place to visit. Arts, nightlife, fine dining, and fun people can be expected when visiting or living in South Carolina.

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Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach offers the public access to the city's best attractions and beaches. Find plenty to do from city festivals to parks and recreation. Myrtle Beach has amazing places to discover and excellent hotels to accommodate your night's stay. When you are done discovering the outdoors you will indulge in the entertainment. Find great places to dine, lounge, and relax. Explore different events, live bands, and culture. Myrtle Beach delivers an excellent South Carolina experience!


Charleston's official page offers visitors and residents a range of services. FInd the latest city headlines, points of interest, business services, city departments, and employment resources. Tourists have access to attractions, visitor center, Dock Street Theatre, and more.

South Carolina Works! SC Works

The best selection when it comes to job openings, training opportunities, and apprenticeships. Create a résumé and apply for jobs in the many industries, and local communities. Explore job fairs, recruitments, and workshops with writing résumé and cover letters. This service can provide excellent interviewing, negotiating salaries and evaluating job offers guidance.

  • Greenville

    Events and Culture, Greenville Cares, entertainment venues, and explore the downtown. Greenville offers people and business excellent standards of living. Click and discover the information this city can offer you. Greenville


    Share your thoughts, pictures, and interactions. Connect with others from around the community and socialize.

  • Hilton Head Island

    This is the perfect site to use when planning a vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC. This small paradise is filled with beautiful homes and golf courses. The landmass offers amazing beaches for tourists and residents. City services, city hall, and departments can be located here as well.Hilton Head Island


    Dept. of Transportation offers drivers road and weather information, ferries, highways, transit, and resources that deal with everyday South Carolina travel. SC DOT

  • Rock Hill

    Rock Hill, SC's official page. Government, Business, city services, and news from the area. Residents can find useful information from their community

  • Parks and Recreation

    South Carolina parks stretch for miles across beaches and bays of endless outdoor enjoyment. Research where to stay, what to do, and how to get there.SC Parks


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